Site Safety 

We uphold the greatest degree of responsibility over health and safety for the entire project, and we are ultimately responsible for the health and safety of all workers. As the acting constructor it is our responsibility to ensure that all the employers and workers on the project comply with the Act and its regulations.


 Safe work environment, means compliance with Ontario Regulations for Health and Safety 

  • All procedures prescribed by the Act and its regulations are carried out on the project

  • All staff and sub contractors performing work on the project complies with the Act and its regulations

  • Health and safety of all workers on the project is protected

  • A health and safety representative or a joint health and safety committee is selected 

  • Ministry of Labour is notified of a project

  • The Ministry of Labour is notified of an accident or occurrence

  • Ensure that every contractor or subcontractor receives a list of all designated substances present at the project before the prospective contractor or subcontractor enters into a binding contract for the supply of work on the project

  • Written emergency procedures are established for the project and posted

  • Appoint a supervisor for every project at which five or more workers will work at the same time