Project Costing 

ELANNIC Manages Projects Costing with determination to deliver a successful project. 


Getting the most return for your investment, the more accurate the estimate of Project Cost the better control of the project’s budget. Estimating a project’s cost will establish the guidelines to ensure that sufficient funds are available to complete the project. 


Financial Success for your projects budget, is why so many choose ELANNIC CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTS 


Accurately estimating every detail!


Direct Cost 

Indirect Costs 

Overhead Cost 

Administrative Costs 



Subcontractors Fees 


With so many variables involved with project costing. Estimates must be accurate to ensure your project is staying on budget. With years of experience building commercial and residential structures we are not guessing where your dollars are going, we know down to the detail. 


"Your Budget is our Value.” 

              Russell Sorchetti