Project Scheduling 

The Most Critical Aspect of a successful project comes down to Project Scheduling

Sorchetti delivers the highest quality product at the lowest possible cost. This desired result requires a strategic planned schedule, managed by a highly skilled consultant.


Getting it right, with strategy 


  • Dividing the project into tasks

  • Estimating duration of tasks 

  • Building the initial schedule

  • Establishing the final schedule


Who gets the schedule? 


Delivering information to our clients and how clients are notified are all protocols that are included in the schedule. Throughout the duration of the project, measurement of performance and notifications will be given to investors. These formal updates that are tracked are delivered to our clients to ensure quality and performance. At Sorichetti to govern a project means meeting our highest standards for a controlled schedule.


  • Weekly status meetings

  • Full team meetings 

  • Project management meetings with updates on stats 

  • Status meeting schedule and cost variances are discussed, along with the state of project, ahead or behind will be addressed. 


Task achieved form the previous week 

Task to be performed the coming week, ultimately holding parties accountable for their commitment. 


Effective project teams requires communication and collaboration 


Each task for the project requires follow up and this means consulting with project team members, estimates are done throughout the development to determine schedule variance calculations. 


From: Initializing, planning, execution, controlling and completion. Each process is documented and managed by Sorichetti. No matter the scale of the project, from a dream home to a sky rise the process is the solid foundation that results in exceeding expectations.